Our Generation Still
Has Work To Do

issue one

Budget Deficit

Mohave County is currently facing a significant obstacle in balancing its budget, with an 18 million deficit against a total budget exceeding 580 million. Through a combination of prudent financial management, cost-cutting measures, and strategic revenue enhancement initiatives, I’m is committed to overcoming its budget deficit and securing a prosperous financial future for the benefit of its residents and community.


Fighting for Bullhead City

Serving on a board of supervisors where members have varying perspectives on their districts’ needs can present a unique set of challenges for a County Supervisor. One of the primary difficulties is reconciling conflicting priorities and agendas among board members representing different districts. Each member may advocate for policies and projects that align with the specific needs and interests of their constituents, leading to potential disagreements and tensions within the board. This is where I will excel at communication with our City and State representatives through direct lines of communications. I have all of our representatives on speed dial.

issue three

Fix Traffic Congestion

Metro Planning Organizations (MPOs) play a crucial role in transportation planning and development, particularly in metropolitan areas with a population of 40,000 or more citizens. Having a seat on the board of an MPO is significant for Mohave County Supervisors as it allows them to actively participate in decision-making processes that shape the transportation landscape of their region. By representing the interests of Mohave County residents on the MPO board, County Supervisors can advocate for projects that address the specific transportation needs of their constituents and ensure that resources are allocated equitably across the region.

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Rich Lettman Files Complaint Against Grace Hecht’s Campaign for Prohibited Contributions in Mohave County Supervisor Race

Today I filed a written complaint with the Mohave County Elections department and the Mohave County Attorneys office against Grace Hecht for District 2 Supervisor Committee alleging that she received three prohibited contributions from Limited Liability Corporations...