Today I filed a written complaint with the Mohave County Elections department and the Mohave County Attorneys office against Grace Hecht for District 2

Supervisor Committee alleging that she received three prohibited contributions from Limited Liability Corporations (LLC) during the 1 st Quarter of 2024.

The prohibited contributions are included on her Committee Campaign Report filed with the Elections department on April 1, 2024.

My complaint letter and supporting documents are attached to this press release. “Every local candidate should know that these types of donations are prohibited by the Arizona Revised Statutes. Apparently, Grace doesn’t or she didn’t bother to review her report prior to submission” said Rich Lettman, candidate for the District 2 Board of Supervisors seat.

He added, “All of us need to play by the rules. Ignorance is no excuse especially when the Elections department website has those rules for everyone to see.”
“I expect the County Attorney to review this case and issue the appropriate Notice of Violation against Grace’s committee”. Voters and taxpayers deserve a candidate who can master simple campaign reports before they tackle an almost $600 million county budget.

Read full complaint here: