Today I filed a written complaint with the Arizona Department of Transportation and the City Attorney of Bullhead City against the Grace Hecht for District 2 Supervisor Committee alleging that she has unlawfully placed 4–foot by 4-foot campaign signs in the public right-of-way along Highway 95.

And this was after receiving a letter (and explanatory flyer) from ADOT outlining the rules regarding placement of campaign signs along public highways.

My complaint letter and supporting documents are attached to this press release.

“Once again, the lack of attention to detail in following simple rules is on display.  

• First, we had the episode of making a video in a public polling place (she was told to stop filming and leave).

• Then we had the finding from the Mohave County Elections department in April that Grace’s campaign had accepted prohibited donations from three LLC’s.

• Now we have a blatant disregard of ADOT regulations.”

“Every candidate should know that campaign signs can’t be placed along ADOT’s public right-of-way per the Arizona Revised Statutes.  Her inability to understand official communications from ADOT is truly concerningas she presently sits on the City Council and wants to become the next Supervisor for District 2” said Rich Lettman, candidate for the District 2 Board of Supervisors seat.

He added, “All of us need to play by the rules.  Ignorance is no excuse especially when ADOT publicized those rules for everyone to see.”

“I expect ADOT to review this case and order Grace’s campaign to remove the offending signs”.

Rich Lettman